Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The View

This is the view from my home office window. Can you understand why I am not blogging as much now that the beautiful weather is upon us, while the fresh breezes rustle the curtains, and the birds call out to me to come and play?
I spend as much time as possible outside as it makes me a better person. I enjoy blogging, but how can it ever compare to the joys of the natural world before me? See my garden? See the lake beyond that? This is my paradise in which I am able to celebrate every day.

Oh, and see that white spot to the right of the bench? That is Wags, an old dog that I stole rescued. She spends her days as if one with nature and not taking it for granted. As abused and neglected as she was and her poor old body shows it, she is now happy to enjoy what God has given her. A simple life, yet a good one. She does not take it for granted at all.

We can learn so much from our animal friends and our natural world. We just need to take the time to take it in. So yes, I am not blogging much these days. And for now...that is good. 



Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thirteen a Lucky Number?

This is a normal sight here at Lakewood...every spring.

Babies running here and there.

They are so cute in their quest for food!

This spring is a little more interesting and fun with lots of babies.

And I mean lots! Multiple families. Multiple babies.

We have one family with 13 babies...13? Geese only lay 6 to 8 eggs.
How did they end up with 13?

And how do they manage with that many running under foot?

So is 13 a lucky number?!? Apparently not! This same family now has 15 babies. Yep...15!

How can that happen? Are they fostering? Have they adopted?
Naw...I think they have started a daycare! Times are tough, ya know!


Monday, May 17, 2010

What A Colorful Bunch!

Meet the inhabitants of Tiny Town Theater. They have lead a useful and productive life with me in the past as we entertained many company functions, church groups, and a variety of banquets. But that was in the good old days.

For years now, they have all sat quietly stored away. And that is a shame. Everybody and everything needs a purpose. And by fate, it all fell into place for these character puppets who have brought so much joy.

I was cleaning the basement when I came upon their box and immediately thought of my sister. She is very involved with the youth at her church and I thought there might be a need.

Well within two hours of that initial thought, my sister called me and asked me if I still had those puppets. God works that way sometimes.

So the plan for all my fabric friends is for them to hop a plane to Honduras to take part in a youth ministry program there. They are ready to serve their new purpose and to have exciting adventures in a different country.

Gee...I hope they write me once in awhile.
Okay, I need no comments on that statement.



Monday, May 3, 2010

Morning Walk

Massive rains for two days makes for an interesting morning walk today.

Heavy fog over the lake with the sun trying to break through.

One of the many boats picked up by the rising waters and abandoned in a new location.   

Walk is stopped short with water on the road from the lake overflowing.

Chip is a little nervous with the sound of the rushing water.

Dale wants to know what should we do now.

I say a want a photo opp with my two boys.

Dale's always a good boy. And Chip? Let's just say he has ADD.


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