Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Martha Stewart!?!? you love her or hate her? Or maybe you don't even care. I jump around a lot when it comes to the subject of 'Martha Stewart'. In the old days, she used to annoy me. Her projects and her ideas seemed to be way over the top and no ordinary woman could match that perfectionism. Then came her uncertain times, the downward spiral, and her jail time. And now her come back.

So do I really care or should I? Well, I've had some unplanned down time due to a slight health problem. That is why my posts have been lacking substance this week. So yesterday I was planted in front of the tv. I do not sit well for very long. I'm easily distracted, yet I had to take it easy. That involved channel surfing and I realized there is not much on the old tube except for an occasional hgtv show. I'm not inspired by many of the hgtv shows because they involve big budgets. Geez, if I had a big budget I wouldn't need hgtv!

As I was surfing, I came across Martha's show. I don't ever remember watching her except for once or twice many years ago. It only made me roll my eyes and think 'you've got to be kidding me'. This week must be the start of her new season and she has made the announcement of teaming up with Home Depot. Not too bad of a show. This lead me to go check out her website to see if her direction is a little softer, a bit more doable, a helpful guide versus an impossible endeavor.

I decided to check the seasonal crafts on her site. And I must say...I was inspired. There, I said it! I seek simplicity. I enjoy nature. I strive to be thrifty. And what I found was all three incorporated into some of her seasonal crafts. Take a look at this lamp made out of a gourd...

and these hurricane lamps embellished with ribbon and pinecones...

and how about a pumpkin with your house number...

and candlesticks decorated with vines you make yourself. 

What do these projects have in common? Simplicity, Nature, & Thriftiness! All that I seek. All that I desire. So where does that leave me? For now, giving Martha Stewart another chance.

Living it up at Lakewood,

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Jane September 16, 2009 at 4:47 PM  

I enjoyed reading your post. I feel the same way about Martha Stewart that you do....maybe jail time softened her a bit! You pictured some nice (easy) fall projects (ok - I don't think I'll tackle the gourd lamp). All my blog surfing of late shows everyone's fall decorating...guess I had better get busy. Hope you're feeling better.

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