Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's A Balancing Act

I'm ADD. I've accepted it, but certainly do not embrace it. It makes things a bit more challenging for me as I flutter through the house going from one thing to the next. I guess I had it more under control when I was in a career with schedules and appointments. Now that I'm free range...well, it gets a little interesting around here. Just yesterday I baked bread and put it on the counter to cool. When it was ready to slice, I pulled out the knife and cutting board. I don't know what happened next, but apparently I left the kitchen to quickly do something else, forgetting all about the bread. An hour or so later, I found the bread still waiting to be sliced.

It's a balancing act. What to do when. List or no list. Work or fun. Real world or internet world. Indoors or outdoors.
My garden gave me a needed schedule this summer. Planning, planting, harvesting, preserving, and cooking kept my focus. Now the garden does not need me as much. As the season begins to change, so does my garden and so does my schedule.

I am now turning my attention towards my projects and redoing my home. It's a good choice. I have some wonderful ideas that will provide direction and purpose. I also have a project I'm working on to share very soon with my blogging buddies.

Moment of truth...this blog is short, but I walked away from it many times to do other things. The life of ADD is a balancing act. Now focus Cindy, please just focus!

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Anny September 4, 2009 at 2:47 PM  

I have ADD when it comes to decorating. I will start one project and it will spark another so I'll drift over there and work on that instead!

Speaking of projects - you asked what color paint I used for my filing cabinet. Its Mermaid Net (pretty name) by Behr.

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