Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Human Nature

Good morning. Kit Kat here on a wonderful Wednesday. Today I want to share my observations of a very fascinating kreature...the human being. Yesterday morning I had the opportunity to witness the nature of how humans create their own stress. It is all about how they choose to react to circumstances beyond their control. Please allow me to further explain.

My human was blogging, and me being of a helpful nature, reached over and gave my contribution on her keyboard. The next chain of events was a bit of a blur. She started to scream as I looked towards the screen to see the words, 'Your blog has just been published'. Whoops, maybe I'm a little too helpful. Apparently, the best I can determine is that it was a very, and I mean very, rough draft and not ready for the blogging world to see. I felt she may have been overreacting just a tad. Does anyone really read her blog anyway?

I've come to the conclusion that no human being wants to show too much of their human side. They want to be perfect. At least my human always wanted to be when she was in the business world. She stated that the need for perfectionism would no longer be part of who she was when she left it. She came home to change her life. She was going to accept her imperfections and all. So what just happened here?

I have discovered that it takes a lot of effort for human beings to fully accept and embrace change even if it is for the better. How curious is that? And what I find more fascinating is that humans find it even harder to just accept who they are. They beat themselves up over 'what ifs' and 'I should ofs'.

All I can say is to stop the madness! Humans can learn so much from the feline world. Take the time to observe us just as I have done with you. My special words of wisdom for you are:

Cuddle up with someone you care about

Take a cat nap in the middle of the day

Enjoy a treat just because

Go out and play

Be still & enjoy your surroundings

Stretch and then stretch some more

Purr, I mean laugh & sing when your heart desires

Be free to be yourself, imperfections and all

And last, but not least...adopt a kitty

Kit Kat reporting here...have a Kit Kat stress free day!

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