Friday, August 14, 2009

Grab It While You Can!

Summer that is...grab it while you can as it will be over before you know it. Soon we will be experiencing that familiar chill of a new season upon us. Autumn is my favorite season and I cannot help being excited about its arrival even though this is only August. You see, when you garden, the earth constantly presents gentle reminders of what is to be. Within my own garden, my zucchini plants have come to an end. I just finished cleaning out the bed while my pumpkin plants are stretching and spreading into this area.

I am ecstatic about my pumpkin plants. I've never planted pumpkins before, but I always have had this fantasy of owning a pumpkin farm. I have this image of a big, old barn with wide open fields of pumpkins of every size and color. The woods that surround our fields provide a canvas of brilliant, fall colors. The air we breathe is brisk, fresh, and clean. Our cats are hanging out around the barn hoping to catch a mouse. The dogs are enjoying the freedom of running through the fields and are happy to join us every time we step outside. Campfires are the norm and family joins us often just because it is fun to be on the farm.

So what is my reality? I am experiencing a garden filled with little green pumpkins soon to become larger and claim their individual colors. I am living on 1 1/3 acres situated on a beautiful lake with an abundance of wildlife. I am happy and proud to have a wonderful family. I am an owner of cats and dogs who happen to think I'm the best human they could ever have. Hmmm...I am missing a barn in this picture. Well I could always build a shed or a second garage in the style of a barn. And there we go. I do have it all!

My thoughts may be filled with fall, but my days are filled with summer. So get out there and enjoy the remaining days of this season and grab it while you can. The arrival of autumn will soon be here!


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