Tuesday, August 25, 2009

For the Love of Books

I have books on the brain this week! I've always had a collection of books of some sort for my own personal enjoyment. Hording books is a family trait and I just don't know any better. It is a learned behavior.

Now it is a happy coincidence that I've stumbled into selling books after attending a few auctions. I have mixed emotions while at an auction and no one bids on the books. Books have so much character and a lot to offer. Books, unless they have a high dollar resale value, are not as desirable these days to most people. The orphaned books that I adopt hold history, store personal comments within their pages, and sometimes even hold bits and pieces of information on previous owners who have tucked little mementos within the pages. All of that can be more valuable than a dollar amount.

Some old books can come with their own distinct smell and tattered state. If that tattered state is beyond repair, the book cannot be salvaged for its original purpose. So what to do? Do not throw it away. It can be recycled and 
repurposed. I have so many ideas floating around on all the possibilities. I plan to use some creativity in my cottage design by repurposing old books.

I found an interesting artist who uses books in his designs. Check him out at This Into That. It just may give you some ideas. One question...have you ever used books for a redesign or a crafting project?

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