Monday, August 31, 2009

August Update

Where did August go? They say the older you get, the faster time goes by. I believe it! So here is an update and overview that I do at the end of each month. It is something that can keep one on track. I recommend that you have a top ten on what you value and hope to accomplish. Here's mine with a few announcements in the mix...

1. Gardening - Well, I'm sorry to say that my pretty pumpkin patch has become sick with a bad case of powdery mildew. What does that do? It takes perfectly healthy plants and practically destroys them overnight. Sigh. This is my first attempt with pumpkins and I had such high hopes. I believe a few pumpkins will survive, but the plants are quickly dying. There is nothing I can do at this point except to research and plan for next year. Gardening is always a learning experience.

2. Turning Trash into Treasures - By attending auctions and flea markets this season, my inventory to pull from is continuously growing. This allows for my creativity to flow so much better and my ability to take a piece to transform it into a work a art so much easier. I've also been waiting for the fall season to give me the time it takes for these types of projects.

3. Saving Energy & Becoming Earth Friendly - This is another continuous learning experience and so worth the effort to everything we apply. Doing so easily flows with the rest of my values.

4. Experimenting in the Kitchen - Cooking straight from the garden this summer has been so satisfying. I go out and pick what is ready, mix and match it with what is in the cupboards, and have a fantabulous meal to put on the table. It has been fun, but the garden will soon come to an end. So with the cooling weather and upcoming holidays, I'm looking forward to baking and making friends with the oven again.

5. Making Our House a Home & a Haven - Some of you know that I'm in the planning stage of redoing our home on a budget. And I mean a budget! What is the step that I want to tackle first? I want to knock down a wall and need to get Tool Man on board with the idea. I'm not about to paint walls, stain cupboards, or redecorate until that dirty job is out of the way. I told Tool Man that I could knock down the wall myself. I got the 'look'. You know the one that says...don't you dare (smile). I did get him to agree for us to do it the month of September.

6. Connecting & Playing with Nature - Since being accepted as a Naturalist in Training at Bernheim Forest, I've taken advantage of learning experiences there, such as a night time hike, to expand my knowledge and understanding of the natural world.

7. Creating & Crafting - Announcement time! I so enjoy finding my creative self again that I soon plan to open an online shop this coming month. Whoo-hoo! I promise to keep you posted on the grand opening.

8. Becoming Self-Reliant - I have abandoned many store bought products and have discovered I'm better off without them. No is where to find my formula and vinegar rinse. I now have the best hair. This has even surprised me. I'm happy. My experiment with baking soda for toothpaste was not as successful. Baking soda is too abrasive and it bothers my gums. I'm using vinegar for a variety of uses...let's just say it has become my best friend. I use it for cleaning and I use it as a personal care product. I've put it in a spray bottle in the bathroom. I use it as an astringent and as a relief for skin irritations such as bug bites. It works!

9. Family Fun - I'm looking forward to hooking up with my long distance family this coming season. It's always a balancing act to see how, when, and where we will all connect.

10. Educating Myself and Others - If you've read this far, thank you! I love blogging and what others have to share on their blogs. It has been fun to connect with creative minds. With that being said, I will soon be making an exciting announcement. It has come about based on my own wants and needs. Then I thought, hey, this will be the perfect answer for so many of us. So stayed tuned for that big announcement to be revealed!

So there we are! September will be a month of exciting adventures for myself and hopefully for you, too!

See you in September,

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