Thursday, July 9, 2009

Start With Your Own Backyard

What is the view from your window? I'm asking because we should always take the time to appreciate that view. Go ahead, take a minute and do so now. Is there greenery? How about a garden? Are there flowers in bloom? It is what we make it.

We need to go through life with our eyes wide open. Some people go through life with blinders on. They only live on the world as if aimlessly passing through, not in the world with meaning or purpose. I feel sorry for them.

I prefer and try to live up to my true potential. It's not always easy, but it is easier if I hold myself accountable for everything I do on this earth. Am I contributing and doing my part? Am I a friend or a foe? Am I being wasteful? Am I living a simple lifestyle?

Lately, all you hear is the new catch phrase, 'Going Green'. I believe that going green is nothing more than a trend supported by the media and our current economic times. Many of us have contributed to being so-called green before it was popular. There has always been a sub-culture of us who have been considered weird because we're homesteaders, or tree-huggers, or hippies, or whatever you want to call us. We have many terms. Me, I feel I'm honoring my heritage (my Grandmothers) and hopefully leaving a legacy. Again, we need to be more responsible and hopefully lead the way as not a trend, but a purposeful life.

This thought came to me this morning...'What if there were no landfills?' Let's suppose that all your waste must accumulate in your own backyard. After all, it must go somewhere. Consider the filth and health hazard created in a very short time for you and your family.

Let's imagine that besides your garbage you bag up, that every appliance, car, piece of furniture that you replace, your old one must be deposited into your backyard.

Are the blinders coming off yet? I'm positive I'm preaching to the choir here, but what about those who think it's their right to keep accumulating more and better without any responsibility for those consequences. Keeping up with the Joneses is not the path to a fulfilling life. Living a simple life is the best answer.

I just read an article by someone who believes that by 'going green' (which in my opinion means being responsible), we will be living smaller, more inconvenient, more uncomfortable, more expensive, less enjoyable, and less hopeful lives. WOW!!! I would hate to live in that man's world. He really needs to take his blinders off.

Please don't take your life and your responsibility for granted. Allow your life to be stimulated with the possibilities of the differences you can make in and on this earth. Please start within your own backyard.

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Anonymous,  July 11, 2009 at 2:59 PM  

I never thought of this...all your garbage would end up in YOUR back yard...what an origional thought!!! Thankyou!! We compost everything we can of our shredded papers and cloth and of course kitchen wastes...even old black and white books that are falling apart. But still we do have things we buy that need throwing out etc! When I was little and we were again traveling through Amish country our Father pointed out to us the used tin cans they had plants in or an old pot with flowers. They reued everything they could like our forfathers did. Since they cooked mainly from scratch they had less waste too. When we were growing up most homes sported perenials in an old pot or pan in their yard that had sprung a leak. And back then they fixed leaky posts when they could. We keep learnig and reusing all we can and we have always bought used due to income and then beliefs. Yes the green movement can really get overboard. Overboard on some things and shortsighted so they do not see the waste they themselfs cause too. Just another upside down thing in this world now. I will stop now and read more of your posts. Thanks again for the new view of life you have given me!! :) Jody

Cindy at PlantSomeRoots July 14, 2009 at 12:11 PM  

Balance would be good in all we do. Glad to hear you compost everything. Sounds like you were inspired at an early age!

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