Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Saving Electricity

Upon rising today, I opened up the audit challenge on Rhonda Jean's blog to find that she was addressing electricity and water. This is timely as we just received our electric bill yesterday and was making comparisons from last month and from last year. The goal is to use less to conserve energy and to save money.

We've come to the conclusion we just don't need as much heat or as much air conditioning as the average family. And this all happened due to circumstances beyond our control. First there was the ice storm this past winter that knocked out all power to thousands within our community and beyond. We used a kerosene heater and survived just fine. I was amazed at the lack of skills or know-how by some to get by in such an emergency. I have a friend in the insurance business who told me all the claims that came in, including for the loss of food in the refrigerator. She asked me what did we do with our food so it wouldn't spoil. I told her we put it outside in the snow and ice provided by mother nature. She said she did the same. Some people just don't want to make the effort to make do, I guess.

Well, after almost two weeks of survival mode we had power again. Then, within two weeks, our heat pump died just 2 months beyond its warranty. It was going to cost thousands and I'm sure that I have mentioned before in other posts that I'm very stubborn. So no thank you, just forget it! I discovered that a space heater works just fine to meet our needs. It is so satisfying to know that we are conserving energy and saving money.

We finally did get our heat pump/air conditioning unit fixed just recently because we found a good person who honored the warranty and charged us for labor only. But what we have decided to do is use fans to keep the house comfortable. We've only run the air conditioner once this season when it was in the high 90's.

We are still working on ways for improvement. Here is an interesting website to visit with fascinating facts and ways to improve your effort in conserving energy.

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