Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Recipes, Recipes, & More Recipes

A collection of individual recipes. Some are newspaper clippings, some are on scraps of paper, and some are so torn or illegible they need to be thrown out. All stuffed into a drawer waiting patiently to see the light of day, to feel a creative hand, and to experience completion to the table. They have been calling me. And I have been ignoring them.
You see, all my quality time is spent with my cookbooks. I love my cookbooks. They are great references, are quite attractive with their pictures, and are already organized for my fingertips to discover what they hold. My cookbooks hold stories, antidotes, and useful information. Some of them have history and boy, if they could just talk.
The dilemma with the individual recipes is that they have been so neglected that they have become orphaned. I cannot and will not ignore them any longer. And besides, it has become such a juggling act with those scattered pieces of paper going in all directions every time I open that drawer.
I've decided that my new rainy day project will be to sort through them all and place them into a recipe file. I'll still have recipes, recipes, and more recipes, but this time they will have a home in which they can be proud.

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