Monday, July 27, 2009

No Laughing Matter

Weekends are quite entertaining when we go to an auction. Tool Man and I go to every auction we can. This is our together hobby. We work well together as Tool Man knows what I like and I know what he is looking

This was the largest estate auction we have ever been to. In fact, there were two different auctioneers going at the same time. So Tool Man and I had to separate for awhile in order to bid on the things we wanted. It became even more confusing when Tool Man decided to start loading the truck while I continued bidding. He seemed to be gone for awhile so I decided to take a break. That is when I stumbled upon some hysterical women and my confused Tool Man. He, unfortunately, was loading all the wrong boxes into our truck when the owners of said boxes caught him red-handed stealing their stuff. I mean, how dare him! It was so funny to see the bewildered look on his face! You can't find a more honest man than my Tool Man.

It was quickly straightened out as I bonded with the women over our finds and this pile over here was the one he was to pack up. Then everyone laughed. Hmmm...wait, no, I don't think Tool Man was laughing. Well, it was a lot of hoisting of heavy boxes that were not ours into the truck, taking same boxes back out of the truck, and then shoving and pushing our boxes into the truck. All in extreme heat and humidity. Well he may not have laughed right then, but he is smiling now over our great auction finds.

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