Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm a NIT!

Whew, I made it! I have been accepted into a training program hosted by Bernheim Forest. I am now an official Naturalist In Training. NIT, for short.

I began my relationship with Bernheim when I started to enjoy hiking in the great outdoors. This is a beautifully rich, green area for discovering and connecting with nature. I've been a member for a few years now to help support the forest in their research, activities, and programs.

I did not have any real concerns about being accepted into their two-year program...except one. I had to list what I'm allergic to. Yikes! Biting bugs and poisonous plants seem to love me while my body is not so receptive to the whole idea. Even if a mosquito bites me, it's not pretty. And right now I happen to be going through a nasty period of being attacked by both plants and bugs. I won't bore you with details, but once again, it's not pretty.

So I envisioned the officials at Bernheim Forest receiving my application and reading all the way through in a positive frame of mind until they reached that dreaded truth I had to list. What? She wants to be a naturalist and she will be exposed to bugs and plants which she is allergic to? Then I envisioned them calling me a loser and tossing my application to the side. But that did not happen. I received the congratulations call anyway! I guess they're willing to take a chance on me.

So tomorrow I'll take my swollen, bandaged self to Bernheim Forest for orientation and hope no one notices. I don't even care if they do because I'm a NIT and I'm running with it, bandages and all!

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