Tuesday, July 21, 2009

High In The Sky

If you take the time to listen, you may be surprised by what you hear. At our place, it's a jungle out there! We have a variety of critters that take pleasure in our surroundings because of the trees and the lake. And I have noticed that this year we seem to have more 'high in the sky' activity than usual.

I love my feathered friends and all beauty they bring. All except one. I'm speaking of the vulture. We have vultures who have taken up residency at the lake and they like to come visit us. I'm not a good hostess when they do come.

Such was the case the other morning. Kit Kat and I were doing our morning ritual of surveying our garden and grounds when there was a flapping of large wings. We both looked up to see the vulture land on a tree above us. I guess he just wanted to check us out. Yes, we are alive and kicking so you have no purpose here. Move on please. And so he did. And I will not make any excuses for being a bad hostess. After all, he received no 'high in the sky' invitation from me.

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