Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Future of Farming

As the rain is gently falling this morning, I take some quiet time to reflect on the state of our economy. Actually my thoughts are drawn to the future of the farmer. They have fought for survival before and continue this fight in these uncertain times. The farmer may be slipping away only to lose their battle. I really don't want this to be a political discussion of farming. I must admit that I do have some strong opinions on some of the choices in today's farming, but for today I prefer to bring forward the connection of farming to our heritage, of who we were at one time.

Farming goes way back and has such a strong connection to simpler times. I am not saying easier times, because simplicity is not easy. Farming was a way of life, not too much different from what some of us are trying to achieve within in our own backyards today. We want a connection to the land. We feel and need that connection to our land. We also want, feel, and need to be home with family. It is who we are. No different, I assume, than from the farmer of times past.

After watching the evening news that featured farmers giving up due to the economy, I saw a common thread. It was family. It was a loss of how they knew themselves through what was passed down to them. I felt for the farmer in this aspect. If you cannot take what you have learned from your family, what they have passed down to you, what they felt was their legacy, where does that leave you?

I, personally, take pride in my heritage through what my Grandmothers have taught me through their example. Some of my daily activities center on their influence. If it was taken away, who would I be? And this is my point. Who is the farmer of today? Where are they to go and what are they to do if they do not farm?

Times are changing. So must we. That is why so many of us are downsizing and turning to a lifestyle of becoming more self-sufficient. I will continue my path to a simpler lifestyle. I still want to plant some roots. I do want to leave a legacy. I, perhaps, am not much different from the farmer of yesteryear.

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