Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Following in Grandmothers' Footsteps

"Your Grandmothers would be proud," says Tool Man. He says this often of our auction endeavours. For some reason, this is our year. We are having a blast from the past finding unique and fun vintage items. All of this is now heading into the direction of a joint business adventure for the two of us. And that is so perfect for me as I've always been an entrepreneur at heart.

I come by it very naturally. Both my Grandmothers were entrepreneurs. One Grandmother opened her own gift shop in a small town and the other Grandmother built up a business of resell after buying from various sources (such as auctions). I was involved in both businesses and never realized the impact it has made until now. As a youngster, I would enjoy being in charge of the gift shop when Grandma R would have errands to run. I then would attend auctions with Grandma S and help her on some of her selling days at her building. Geez, no wonder I enjoy thinking and doing things my way.

My Grandmothers have been such a big influence in my life. They planted some roots and left me their legacy. They actually have created a family business that has crossed over to another generation. I am indeed thankful for my Grandmothers' guidance and the opportunity to follow in their footsteps.

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