Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What's It Worth?

Arms are flinging in the air. Sweat is dripping off the brow. Dirt is flying everywhere. Just another good day in the garden and it is so worth it.

I decided to plant blackberries in a new bed across from the new red raspberry plants I received from my sister.

I'm taking a water break as I'm now determining fencing. With an old hound dog we rescued, it's necessary. She stomps all over everything. And for a lightweight, she can do quite a bit of damage.

It's a little after 8:00 am and I love the mornings out here. No noise breaks the silence except for the birds in song. Bluebirds and cardinals seem to be my best buds this year. They really seem to enjoy the garden area with a bluebird swooping down to snag a bug in flight and a cardinal taking advantage of the new birdbath.

The above picture shows the new bird spa I put together last night. You can really do so much with so little. The beautiful and heavy birdbath was some body's throw out at the curb. Are you kidding me? I'll take it,thank you very much! I set it on a piece of granite that was free from a stone company. The metal pot holding the flowers is actually an old fair trophy that a woman received for her prize vegetables. I found it at the bottom of an auction box. I had to use it in honor of all gardeners out there. The hanging basket was given to me and the flowers I bought on sale after my seeds did not pop through. The cute little fencing came out of a whole stack of used fencing I bought for $1.00. There ya go. Being thrifty and recycling can produce beautiful results.

All it cost me was...arms flinging, sweat dripping, and dirt flying. It was worth it.

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