Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Sister is a Forever Friend

My sisters and I are country gals at heart. We take pride in our gardens, our homes, and our families. The three of us have started a new tradition of spending a weekend together to celebrate who we are and what it means to be family.

This past weekend, we went to some old stomping grounds on Lake Erie. Two of us currently live in Kentucky and the 'baby' sister lives in our hometown in Ohio.

We spent the time junk shopping, eating, visiting, and just plain relaxing. I must say that I truly love junk shopping. It is all about the challenge of finding something special at the right price. I was on a mission to find large recipe boxes to hold all my homesteading tidbits and a stick blender for making my own soap.

Luckily, we found both the boxes and the blender at great prices. The blender was only $5.50. What a deal! I will share my soap making experiences with you once I get started. I have so many fun and exciting projects to look forward to.

It was a good weekend and we have started our plans for next year. The three of us are so very much alike, yet so different in many ways. A common thread was the discussion of our dear Grandmothers and their significance in our lives. So the legacy continues.

Sisters are forever, sisters are forever friends.

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