Monday, June 22, 2009

Sheet Composting

What's that white stuff in the beds of my vegetable garden? It's my way to recycle and to keep those nasty weeds down to a minimum. I thought I was the only one who used this method (did I make it up?) because when I tell people how I control the weeds in my garden, I get the response...'Really!?!' Hmmm...did I hear a sarcastic tone?

The answer is as simple as the daily newspaper. Newspaper decomposes and you can even use it in your compost pile as dry material if you shred it first. Make sure there is only black ink before using for gardening purposes as colored ink contains toxins.

I had a stack of clay saucers left over from another project and found them perfect as markers and as paperweights for the newspapers used for weed control. You need weight so the newspapers don't take flight when a breeze comes along. Once they have had a good wet soaking or two, the papers pretty much stay in place.

Over the weekend, I found a book entitled Lasagna Gardening by Patricia Lanza. This sounded interesting. Reading and staying informed on various gardening techniques allows you to develop your own style.

As I started reading, I realized that lasagna gardening is just another name for sheet composting. You just compost in broad layers right into your garden. Now I have a compost pile, but I had already decided that this fall I would try composting right into the beds. Why not? Saves you time, energy, and work. Now who wouldn't want that?!?

More info about sheet composting in tomorrow's post. See ya then!

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