Monday, June 15, 2009

Auction Specials

Saturdays are my auction days. I love auctions! The discovery of special vintage pieces can be priceless. Then there is the bidding. How much is something worth to a person? And how about when you bring home a box and discover something clear at the bottom of it that brings a smile because of its unexpected value?

I have fond memories of my Grandmother's auction antics and accomplishments. She eventually had a building built on her property to house her auction finds and for the purpose of resale. She became quite the little entrepreneur with her own home-based business. So I acquired my taste for the love of auctions from Grandma.

I'm an auction snob. :) That just means that I prefer a certain auctioneer and his team because of how they conduct business and have some fun while they are at it. I must say, the auction was a little more special this past Saturday. People talked and bonded more. I'm getting to know people and we are becoming more considerate of each other. One gentleman quit bidding on a box after he asked me if I really wanted that lot and I said yes. One woman gave me some teacups that I admired and in return I gave her some amber glass that she desired. I found myself watching a young woman who was rummaging through a box of baking pans and a variety of loaf pans that would be perfect for my homemade bread. I asked her what she would want out of that box. The Tupperware was her immediate answer. She had just started her own household, needed storage containers, and just could not afford to buy them at the store. I told her I was bidding on the box for the bakeware and would give her the Tupperware. I ended up paying a bit more than I would have liked, but I still had a great deal. When I handed her all the Tupperware, she asked how much she owed me. Nothing, of course.

How cool is that to find people who understand and give to one questions asked. Need something special in your life? Go to a auction and make a new friend!

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